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>Subject: [Yazlist] A Letter to the YAZ Community
>Date: Thu, 01 Mar 2007 12:45:40 -0500
>Those of you living in the United States have no doubt been subject to fund 
>drives for National Public Radio. For those of you living in other 
>countries, NPR is a not-for-profit radio broadcasting corporation that 
>relies on voluntary listener contributions for over 50% of its funding. 
>Anyone can, of course, listen to any NPR program without paying, but if a 
>certain percentage of listeners did not make voluntary contributions, the 
>corporation would not be sustainable. It's called listener supported radio.
>I think you can see where I am headed with this.
>Open Source software is free to download and use. You are all within your 
>rights to do just that. In fact, that's part of what open source software 
>is all about: the freedom to use the software as you see fit, without 
>needing to make any payments.
>But that is not the full story, of course. Open Source is also about giving 
>back to the community that develops and supports the software. Like NPR, 
>Index Data would not be sustainable as an ongoing company if a certain 
>percentage of our community of users did not give back to us in some form. 
>Some of you do give back--in support contracts, in code, and in other ways. 
>For that, we are very grateful. You are enabling us to continue to give you 
>new and useful programs, as well as to continually improve our existing 
>Yet Index Data is not doing as much as we would like for our community, 
>because our ability to continue to develop our Open Source distributions 
>relies to a great extent on earnings from commercial support contracts. One 
>way you can help us serve you better is to convince your institution to 
>take out a commercial support contract with us.
>Commercial support for Index Data software begins at $500 per year. Now we 
>both know that many of your institutions can afford that. And every dollar 
>that you put into a support contract will go back to your institution, 
>either as direct individual support, or in continued development of our 
>open source software.
>I would be remiss if I did not also point out that with Index Data 
>commercial support, your institution will get its money's worth. Let me 
>quote from our standard support contract:
>    * Guaranteed attendance to bug reports within five working days.
>    * Guaranteed patches/repairs for reproducible bugs within ten working 
>days. "Reproducible bugs" means situations or conditions where the software 
>does not behave as the documentation or reasonable expectation suggests it 
>should. Attendance to bugs in the software is not counted as "problem 
>Thanks for listening. Now do the right thing and email me your request for 
>a commercial support contract if you do not already have one, or download 
>the appropriate contract from www.indexdata.com/support and help us at 
>Index Data to give even better support to this community.
>David Dorman
>US Marketing Manager, Index Data
>52 Whitman Ave.
>West Hartford, Connecticut  06107
>dorman at indexdata.com
>860-389-1568 or toll free 866-489-1568
>fax: 860-561-5613
>INDEX DATA Means Business
>for Open Source and Open Standards
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