[Yazlist] php5-yaz 1.0.13 error encoding iso-8859-1

Miguel A. Calvo miguel.calvo at coremain.com
Mon Dec 10 09:53:14 CET 2007


I try the simple and plain 

yaz_record($yaz_id, $i, "xml") 

But the encoding record  is UTF-8 and I need ISO-8859-1 encoding.

I try with:

yaz_record($yaz_id, $i, "xml")
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml;charset=UTF-8,ISO-8859-1") ;
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml;charset=marc-21,ISO-8859-1") ;
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml;charset=ISO-8859-1") ; 
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml ;charset=UTF-8,ISO-8859-1") ; 
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml ;charset=marc-21,ISO-8859-1") ; 
yaz_record($yaz_id,$i,"xml ;charset=ISO-8859-1") ;

And nothing. 

Can you help me, please?

Miguel A. Calvo Lázaro

Técnico de Software Factory

miguel.calvo at coremain.com


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