[Yazlist] YAZ-marcdump utility question

Jonathan Leybovich jleybov at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 30 03:52:46 CEST 2006

"Larry E. Dixson" <ldix at loc.gov> wrote:
> Has anyone successfully used the YAZ utility
> "yaz-marcdump" 
> to perform batch conversion of records from MARC-8
> to UTF-8
> (communication format)?  (We could use a
> server-based 
> utility of this sort.)

On a related note, the yaz_record function in PHP/YAZ
seems to convert to UTF-8 when the record is presented
in XML format- "xml; charset=marc-8,utf-8"- but
returns nothing when the record type is set to string.
 Is it possible to use YAZ's built-in characterset
conversion without the overhead of XML?

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