[Yazlist] Position attribute searching

John Durno jdurno at uvic.ca
Fri Jul 28 23:42:53 CEST 2006


I'm having problems getting position attribute searching (3=1, first in 
field) working. I'm using yaz-client (yaz version 2.2.12) connecting to 
Zebra 1.3.34.

Right now it appears that the position attribute has no effect at all on 
the search results. The search 'f @attr 1=4 lincoln' returns the same 
results as the search 'f @attr 1=4 @attr 3=1 lincoln'.

Titles returned from both searches include:
245 10 $a Lincoln Steffens / $c Russell M. Horton. --
245 10 $a Lincoln and his generals.
245 10 $a Abraham Lincoln, $b the prairie years / $c by Carl Sandburg.
245 00 $a Abraham Lincoln / $c by David D. Anderson.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the concept, I would have expected the first 
search to return all 4 titles, and the second search (with the position 
attribute) to only return the first two.

Any help with this would be much appreciated. I run both the client and 
server, so if it's possible to configure this at all, I should be able 
to make it work.

thank you,

John Durno
Coordinator, Information Technology Services
University of Victoria Libraries
PO Box 1800 Stn. CSC, Victoria BC, V8W 3H5

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