[Yazlist] RE: Yazlist Digest, Vol 37, Issue 8

Mike Taylor mike at miketaylor.org.uk
Tue Jul 18 12:52:52 CEST 2006

Nguyen Hong Vinh writes:
 > > Nguyen Hong Vinh writes:
 > >  > I want to develop a Z39.50 Server in Csharp using YAZ libraries,
 > >  > how can I start?.
 > > 
 > > See http://zoom.z3950.org/bind/dotnet/
 > Thank you for your suggestion. I have look at the code and read
 > some documents around, but I did not found any thing relate to
 > Z39.50 server, only for Z39.50 client. Could you show me more?.

My mistake, sorry -- I'd not registered that you wanted to make a
server.  Yes, ZOOM is client-side only at present.

For building a Z39.50 server, your options are much more limited.  If
you're happy to work in C, you can use YAZ's GFS (Generic Frontend
Server), as described at
If you find it easier to work with Perl, then you can use the
Net::Z3950::SimpleServer module, which is essentially a Perl wrapping
of the GFS, described at
And that is about it.

A possible alternative would be to abandon YAZ altogether and write
your server in Java, using Knowledge Integration's JZKit2:
but I don't know how well document or supported that is.

Finally, if none of these options suits you, and if you really want to
use Csharp on .NET, then please contact us off-list, and we can give
you quote for building a SimpleServer-like Csharp interface to the

Hope this helps.

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