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Thank you, too, for another quick response!

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> Not sure what \237 would be. \037 is a separator character used
> in MARC records -- has the high bit got set by accident somehow?

I don't think so.  I vaguely recall seeing something about this number in some of the masses of documentation I've skimmed recently.
> It is pretty simple to parse a MARC record -- you can just run through
> the directory part of the record using the lengths and offsets to pull
> the record apart with your language of choice's substring function.
> You'll need to get some information from the MARC leader. Details
> of the MARC record spec can be found at:


Thanks for the link.

> Nowadays, one approach is to convert the MARC to MARCXML
> and then use XSLT to convert the XML to whatever you want.
> Details of MARCXML and java routines for converting MARC to
> MARCXML are at:


Thanks for the suggestion, but I think for my purposes, it would be more straightforward to parse the PICA (or MARC, or whatever) data and write it to my (tabular) database.  I have already written routines for reading XML data from OAI interfaces and writing them to the same databank.  I use the stored system procedure `sp_xml_preparedocument' in MS SQL Server 2003 to extract the information from the XML expressions.  It's a bit tricky getting the data out of the hierarchical XML format and into tables, so I wouldn't mind not doing it, if I don't have to.  XML is something else I've had to learn for this project, and my knowledge of it is still rudimentary. 

Thank you for your help.  I feel a bit more confident now, after your answer and Heikki's.


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