[Yazlist] YAZ 2.0.30 available.

Adam Dickmeiss adam at indexdata.dk
Tue Jan 4 10:58:19 CET 2005

YAZ 2.0.30 is available.

This is primarily a bug fixes release. Changes below.

Fixed numerious warnings that was issued with newer versions of GCC.

Fixed NMEM system to return aligned blocks on 8 byte boundaries rather
than 4 bytes, since 4 may not be enough on some systems such as GCC 3.4.3
on Solaris.

Make YAZ Generic Frontend Server slightly faster.

Enhance (and reduce) logging for Generic Frontend Server.

Revert YAZ log system so that it flushes every write operation
by default. (YAZ 2.0.26 and earlier versions did that). Bug #240.

Modified the YAZ logging system. The LOG level defines use YLOG_ prefix
instead of LOG_, due to name clash with syslog(3). LOG_ are still
present. New applications should define YAZ_USE_NEW_LOG=1 - this
will effectively disable old definitions.

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