[Yazlist] Problerm on bend_init in YAZ toolkit

=?gb2312?B?wO666c7E?= stonered at sdu.edu.cn
Mon Aug 29 06:40:39 CEST 2005


My Yaz Z39.50 Server runs om Windows 2k, programmed by Visual C++.Net
,using the YAZ toolkit of C interface. i found a problerm:

Open YAZ Client, type command "open localhost:9999/mydb", then my server is 
connected. my function bend_init was called, and i allocate an handle to
the session.

When type command "init" on the same connection in the yaz command prompt later, 
the bend_init was called again by the YAZ framework. But it does not provide 
the handle just assigned.

So the prior session will live in the whole life of the server, even if the 
connection was closed by the client. That's no means to locate the session
in the bend_init because no handle provided.

can the bend_init function provide an handle just assigned in the begining 
of the connection ?

   thank you

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