[Yazlist] BEGINNER!!! How to start?

Ralph Haglund ralphhaglund at gmail.com
Sat Aug 13 17:09:47 CEST 2005


Ok, not quite true – started to program computers in 1971. But I am no C
programmer – taught it 15 years ago, I am no UNIX programmer (used it 20
years ago, recently got a machine where I put in Linux to learn), done some
ASP programming and trying on php (pretending it to be perl as far as
possible as I am learning that) so:


I try to put in YAZ on both machines, I got 

yaz-client bagel.indexdata.dk:210/marc

running on both machines, connected, searched for water, got some hits. At
least I suppose it means yaz is running, no?


Ran the Demo on http://www.indexdata.dk/phpyaz/ - no problem, it found water
in the first, home machine, no connect to the others.


So – I copied that program to both Windows and Linux. Ran it, with small
modifications in the beginning to put in fixed values, on Windows:


$query = "water";

echo "You searched for ".htmlspecialchars($query)."<br>";








     for ($i = 0; $i < $num_hosts; $i++) {

           $id[] = yaz_connect($host[$i]);

           echo "After yaz_connect of $host[$i]<br>";

           yaz_syntax($id[$i], "usmarc");

           yaz_range($id[$i], 1, 10);

           yaz_search($id[$i], "rpn", $query);


     echo "Now wait<br>";


     echo "After wait<br>";

   for ($i = 0; $i < $num_hosts; $i++) {




You searched for water
Make yaz_connect
After yaz_connect of bagel.indexdata.dk/gils
Make yaz_connect
After yaz_connect of www.bibhit.dk
Make yaz_connect
After yaz_connect of blpcz.bl.uk:21021/BLPC-ALL
Now wait
After wait


bagel.indexdata.dk/gils:Error: Connect failed


www.bibhit.dk:Error: Connect failed


blpcz.bl.uk:21021/BLPC-ALL:Error: Connect failed


So – it got through, but no connect. Why?


On Linux, I got (I just recompiled both php yaz and php according to
instructions – before I had just compiled yaz as I found it totally stupid
to recompile a php that came with the system, FDC4_64 bit)


You searched for water
Make yaz_connect

And already there it hanged. Never got yaz_connect.


So – how to I continue to investigate the phenomenon?????




I suddenly remembered that when I left the problem a week or two ago, it was
because of the same thing a number of other people complained about here on
the list about not finding php_yaz.dll  so I checked if it was outcommented
or not now in php.ini

To my surprise it was NOT so php had apparently found it and used it, which
it did not do before????????


The mystery deepens









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