[Yazlist] Bug Report in function ccl_find_str.

marc marc at indexdata.dk
Tue Aug 9 09:23:40 CEST 2005

stonered wrote:
> Hi,
>      YAZ is perfect good, I love it ,thank you for providing so perfect API.
>      I found a bug in CCL function yestoday:
>             struct ccl_rpn_node *ccl_find_str (CCL_bibset bibset,const char *str, int *error, int *pos);
>      when i passed an string "not A"  or "A not" to the function,  the parser does'nt work at all.  But when i passed 
> "A not B", it can work. 
>      I think the "not" operator  need  one operand only ,why it receives 2 operand?
>     thank u , wait for ur response.
>                                                  Stonered  Lee

This is perfectly normal and in fact intended. The CCL 'not' operator is
_not_ the same as an unary boolean NOT operator, but means in boolean
speak the binary operator AND NOT. This is to prevent the obvious
disastrous use in a query like this:

not very-special-term

which will hit everything. However

term1 not very-special-term

will hit a little less than term1 will hit, and can therefore be
executed on the server.

cheers, Marc Cromme, Index Data

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