[Yazlist] Is there a thesaurus implementation in yaz

John.Hockaday at ga.gov.au John.Hockaday at ga.gov.au
Tue Nov 2 06:15:31 CET 2004


I notice that some implementation software of the Z39.50 protocol (eg. Isite)
provide a facility for thesauri at the zserver end.  I also notice that there
is a "Zthes: a Profile for Thesaurus Navigation in Z39.50 and SRW" at URL:

Does yaz, yaz-client provide for a thesaurus at the client end?  

How would one implement a thesaurus for the mapping of ISO 19115 topic
categories to another search word list at the client end?

Thanks in advance for any replies.

John Hockaday
Geoscience Australia

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