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Luis Morales fastonion at gmail.com
Tue Nov 2 02:09:01 CET 2004

Ok well my comments bellow,

On Mon, 1 Nov 2004 14:16:18 -0300 (BRST), eduardo.domanski at pucpr.br
<eduardo.domanski at pucpr.br> wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> So, I'll explain clearly what's my problem, so you can see if you can help
> me or not.
> 1- I've downloaded YAZ 2.0.23 and then I ran the SERVER and the CLIENT.
> I connected to the server, by:
> open localhost:9999/myBase
> 2- After this, I tryed to search on my database, by typing:
> f @attr 1=4 delphi

This is ok,  with this statement you know the data base that you have
been conected from  yaz. But i suggest use acronimous name such as
myBase_type, in your case yourBase_delphi.

> 3 - the following message was launched:
> Sent searchRequest.
> Received SearchResponse.
> Search was a bloomin' failure.
> Number of hits: 0, setno 2
> records returned: 0
> Diagnostic message(s) from database:
>     [109] Database unavailable -- v2 addinfo 'pergamarc'

At this time you need setup first the conex and produres to extract
data from your data base and make the presentations for this results
to yaz. May be some ways to connect from perl to delphi. I suggest try
to connect perl to delphi and made the procedures to search and
presentations statements.

> 4- Adam Dickmeiss said to me that I have to write the code, that connect
> to my database, rigth?? Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with C/C++. Does
> anyone have an example of a simple database connection in C/C++?

> 5- In addition, my database is relational, so, Do I need to use zSQLgate?
This is an great way,  you can take it too.
> Best regards,

Good luck

> Eduardo Domanski
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