[Yazlist] yaz-client, yaz API and Z39.50 - 2003

Tajoli Zeno tajoli at cilea.it
Mon Jan 19 15:17:20 CET 2004


Now I'm working with cheshire2 as Z39-50 server and the new version has 
this new feature:
[From CHANGES of Cheshire2]

"Support was added for the Z39.50-2003 resultCount element of SortResponse.
The size of the sorted resultset(s) is now returned both in resultCount and 
in the
  addedinfo (where it was done before).
Other Z39.50-2003 changes are:
assume that INIT requests with 0 for PreferredMessageSize and 
means that the server may set its own values for these."

I try to find if I can test those new features with yaz-client or with two 
others clients based on YAZ API, BookWhere 2000 of WEBCLARITY and Metalib 
of Exlibris.
That are the motivations of my questions about YAZ API.

 > Does YAZ API support all features of Z39.50 -- 1995 (version 3) ?

Pretty much.  What specific features did you have in mind?

 > And about Z39.50 -- 2003 ?

Thanks for your quick answer.


Zeno Tajoli
tajoli at cilea.it
CILEA - Segrate (MI)
02 / 26995321

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