[Yazlist] Creating data structures only

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Tue Jun 25 09:19:32 CEST 2002

Hi David,

Yes, this is pretty straightforward in YAZ if you go under the highlevel 
APIs. If you look at the sample client (yaz-client), you'll see that 
internally it does just this. There's a function z_APDU which handles 
encoding or decoding of Z PDUs depending on how it's called, and a COMSTACK 
which encapsulates the TCP/IP stuff. You don't have to use the COMSTACK at 
all if it doesn't suit you.


At 14:48 18-06-2002 +1200, David Nock wrote:
>Are there functions in Yaz to return the data structures, i.e. the query
>data, instead of passing it to a tcpip connection? The reason is that our
>application already has the tcpip stuff set up and there has been some Mac
>tcpip problems because the yaz stuff is all in a plugin. A plugin is the
>only way we can incorporate Yaz into our app.
>What I was hoping for is something like, I pass in a pointer to a block of
>memory and Yaz fills if with the data required. Then, within our app, I can
>send the block of memory to our tcpip stream.
>Any of this possible??
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