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Pauli Porkka pauli.porkka at prettybit.fi
Fri Jun 14 07:10:07 CEST 2002

You can't add yaz.dll as a reference. You can't add ANY "normal" windows
dlls as a reference and use the functions. You need to declare the functions
you need from the dll in your code such as this (one of the functions in the
yaz.dll declared below):

Private Declare Function ZOOM_connection_new Lib "YAZ.dll" Alias
"_ZOOM_connection_new at 8" (ByVal Host As String, ByVal portnum As Long) As

I took the above example from zoom vb implementation. You might be better
off by using the Thomas Habing's ZOOM implementation or look at the source
of it to find out how its done.

Look for vb-zoom here:


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i've already compiled the latest yaz software and i'm now trying to include
it in my library software, thing is my software is written in VB. i've tried
adding the "yaz.dll" file as a reference from the Projects menu of VB but it
sends me an error message "can't add a reference to the specified file" is
there something wrong with my understanding of the program?  i mean, you'd
have to include the yaz.dll file to your program to be able to use it right?
i also tried to register the yaz.dll using the command "regsvr32"

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