[Yazlist] YAZ 1.8 available

Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Thu Oct 25 15:56:19 CEST 2001

Hi YAZ-L members,

YAZ-1.8 is now available from www.indexdata.dk. This is one of those times 
when we took so long getting a release together that we know quite a few 
people have been working with the development version in the interim. 
Partly for that reason, we decided to skip a version number, so we're now 
at 1.8.

If you come straight from 1.6 or earlier, the changes are too many to 
mention here -- have a look at the changelog. In particular, look out for 
those places marked with "*", since those changes may require you to change 
your own code if you upgrade.

Some highlights:

o ZOOM! As some of the discussion on this list has shown, the YAZ API for 
client developers is not too friendly to newcomers. We've been trying to 
resolve this, not only for YAZ, but for Z39.50 in general. We have worked 
with Mike Taylor on the definition of the generic, Object Oriented API for 
Z39.50 (http://zoom.z3950.org/), and we have produced the first 
implementation of the C binding for that API. If you have made clients with 
YAZ before, we think you will like this. In the future, we expect that a 
whole range of ZOOM-based APIs will become available for YAZ (and other 
toolkits), implemented by us and by other people. This is an important part 
of our bid to make Z39.50 more accessible to developers. Let us know how 
you like it.

NOTE! The ZOOM-specification and the C binding in particular is a work in 
progress. Expect parts of the specification to evolve over the next 
months... but please do try it out and help the process with your feedback. 
Check the manual for documentation, and look at the ZOOM website above for 
more details if needed.

o We have finally dropped the original, hand-written interface structures 
for the lower-level APIs. For awhile, we included them along with the 
compiler-generated structures, but this tended to bloat the package and 
make it needlessly complicated. We now only include the compiler-generated 
structures, so watch out if your application is based on a *very* old 
version of YAZ, but do consider making the small effort to migrate. As 
always, the compiler itself is included in the toolkit if you decide you 
need to incorporate new or nonstandard ASN.1 into your application.

o The generic frontend server has had its API updated somewhat to make it 
more robust and flexible. The frontend server also has thread support under 
UNIX (in addition to Windows).

o One of my personal favorites is a little change to the CCL query language 
interpreter that lets it change a query with multiple words into a boolean 
query with AND (or OR) between the words. We like to use CCL in web-portals 
to bibliographic servers, and this gives them a nice, "web search engine" feel.

But again -- have a look in the "changes" list.. and have fun.

All the best,

Sebastian, Index Data

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