[Yazlist] installing PHP/Yaz at runtime

Brian Bain yaz at tefen.net
Thu Oct 18 23:02:57 CEST 2001

I'm interested in running the PHP/Yaz extensions on an existing PHP
installation (that I don't have administrative rights to) using the dl()
function to load it at runtime.  This requires a dynamic shared object

I'm rather new to compiling code on a Linux box.  I have been able to
properly install Yaz using the make files, but this creates a static
libyaz.a library without the proper ELF headers.

Would it be possible for someone to help me get from the point of having
untarred the files to having a working ".so" file?

I've read this page:


which was very helpful, but am not sure how to apply
it directly to the Yaz installation as there seems not to be a
"libyaz.h" or "libyaz.c" file.  Rather libyaz.a appears to ball a large
number of other libraries into one.

I get the impression I should be building my own libyaz.c which includes
the libraries in the include directory.  Before I attempt this I would
like to know if I'm even on the correct path.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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