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Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Wed Oct 10 20:17:18 CEST 2001

Hi Ken,

>is 1 in refernce too, what does 1 mean, a type of what?

The obnoxious answer would be "a type of attribute". It's basically a way 
to subdivide an attribute set. The Z39.50 standard itself attaches no 
meaning to different attribute types, but specific attribute sets do. For 
instance, in Bib-1 -- the bibliographic attribute set -- Type-1 is 
basically an indication of what abstract "field" (eg. "title") you wish to 
search in. Type 2 talks about relationships -- equality, greater-than, 
less-than, etc. Each type of attribute has something to say about the term 
it's applied to. Some profiles, like Bath, requires that each term must be 
accompanied by an attribute from each of the six types of Bib-1, but most 
servers will provide default values if an attribute type is not specified.

See http://lcweb.loc.gov/z3950/agency/defns/bib1.html, and also the "Bib-1 
semantics" document that is linked to from there.

Until now, most other attribute sets have simply covered all Bib-1 
attributes other than 1 (the search fields), so you could expect to always 
find handy things like "truncation" in the same place. But there was no 
guarantee for that, and this has made it hard to write software that could 
cope with any attribute set. There has been an effort to standardise the 
rules for how you make a well-formed attribute set (that's the attribute 
set architecture), but so far it is not in wide use, and Bib-1, notably, 
does not conform to the architecture.

Hope that helps,


At 14:20 10-10-2001 -0600, Galium wrote:

>Sorry for my confusing post. Yes AttributeType is always a number, new that,
>what I meant is that I used to think an attribute type of 1 meant it was a
>text type, while say 2 was an integer, etc.
>The question is not that attribute type in @attr 1=4 is 1, but rather what
>is 1 in refernce too, what does 1 mean, a type of what?
>Hope thats a bit clearer.
>Thanks again,
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> > In a PQF @attr query what exactly is the AttributeType? I always assumed
> > was if its a number, text, etc. Not so sure now that I seen a couple
> > examples.
>Short answer: it's always a number. What examples made you think otherwise?
>What follows @attr is the attribute type, the attribute value and an
>set (optional). Format is
>    @attr [attributeset] type=value
>    @attr 1=4        (type is 1, value is 4)
>    @attr gils 1=2020  (attribute set is gils, type is 1, value is 2020).
> >
> > Insites appreciated.
> >
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