[Oclist] opendoar, doaj, mbooks, etc.

Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at nd.edu
Mon Jan 28 16:00:03 CET 2008

At the risk of coming to the party late because I subscribe to this  
list in digest mode, I would like to say that things like OpenDOAR,  
the DOAJ, MBooks, etc. can all be great tools for building digital  

If there were a desire to create a digital library for a specific  
institution I would suggest content come from the local institution's  
holdings plus content from the things outlined above. The library  
could create a collection policy outlining the nature and scope of  
the library. Questions to be answered include: who is the audience,  
what things do they need and desire, what types of materials are  
expected to be in the collections, what subject areas are expected to  
be covered, what types of materials need to physically be brought  
into the collection, what materials can simply be linked to, what  
types of services (beyond search) will be applied against the  
collection, etc.

Once these types of questions are addressed I would start with local  
holdings (MARC records)  and supplement the content with the things  
from the items above. Consider those things to be analogous to the  
directories used by bibliographers and collection managers.

'Sounds like a lot of fun to me!

Eric "Will Try To Change His Subscription" Morgan
University Libraries of Notre Dame

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