[Oclist] OAISter contains licensed content -> DOAR!

Jonathan Rochkind rochkind at jhu.edu
Fri Jan 25 23:10:55 CET 2008

Turns out that even DOAR's API is just of their _list_ of repositories, 
not of actual repository content.

So yeah, there's a hole waiting to be filled here. Someone needs to take 
the list of repositories from DOAR (and supplement it with a few open 
access sources. DOAJ isn't in their list!), and build something to 
harvest them all on a regular basis, index it, and expose it as SRU. I'd 
be thrilled if that someone was indexdata. Otherwise I might need to 
find time to do it myself. Because I rather desperately need it now that 
I realize IndexData's OAISter isn't it.


Mike Taylor wrote:
> Sebastian Hammer writes:
>  > That's a useful observation, I confess I wasn't aware of this either. 
>  > We'll investigate DOAR and see what can be done with it.
> What a pain: DOAR has its own dumb API instead of implementing any of
> the fine standard ones.
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