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Eric Lease Morgan emorgan at nd.edu
Mon Mar 19 14:05:14 CET 2007

I haven't seen any traffic on this open content list, yet, so I will  
generate some.

I have been working in libraries for just more than twenty years.  
Over that time I have come to realize that many librarians support  
causes. Some of the more common ones include: academic freedom,  
information literacy, diversity, and the preservation of the  
historical record. I'm not immune to these causes because mine is all  
about free and equal access to information. That is why a mailing  
list regarding open content appeals to me. That is why I support  
(evangelize) open source software and open access publishing.

One of the cool things about open content is the opportunity it  
offers for creating exciting information systems. For example, I have  
locally copied about 20,000 electronic texts from Project Gutenberg  
(plus a few other sites), converted them into rudimentary HTML files,  
organized them according to authors & titles, and free-text indexed  
the whole lot. Here is yet another implementation of my never- 
finished Alex Catalogue, see:


The system is functional, especially the author/title browsable  
lists. After I get indexing/searching better refined, I plan to  
increase the scope of the Catalogue to include select open access  
journals and Wikipedia content. I will then turn to enhancing the  
services against the collection. Did you mean? What's new? Your page.  
Tagging. Etc.

Fun with open content.

Eric Lease Morgan
Head, Digital Access and Information Architecture Department
University Libraries of Notre Dame

(574) 631-8604

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