[Net-z3950] Problems using Net-Z3950-ZOOM

Vijendra Singh Purohit vs.purohit at gmail.com
Tue Nov 25 21:56:13 CET 2008

I have tried various starting record numbers but 1000th is the last I get
back from server. I somehow find this limit silly since this is not a free
access point... I am paying money and still not getting much out of it :(


On Tue, Nov 25, 2008 at 8:48 AM, Archie Warnock <warnock at awcubed.com> wrote:

> Heiko Jansen wrote:
> > But it might have been done on purpose to prevent clients from
> > automatically downloading whole databases or very large parts of them...
> That's my thought, as well.  I recently encountered the same issue
> harvesting spatial metadata records from site.  I'm not sure if they're
> running the same server or not.
> The real question (and I don't believe I've seen a mention of it here)
> is whether it's possible to get records from 1001-2000 from the server
> by specifying the starting record number?  Is the server limiting
> retrievals to just the first 1000 records or just to any 1000 records?
> The former is obviously a bug.  The latter, not so much, IMHO.
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