[Net-z3950] Problems using Net-Z3950-ZOOM

Vijendra Singh Purohit vs.purohit at gmail.com
Sun Nov 16 08:28:23 CET 2008

Hello again,

I was able to resolve previous error, thanks to the group. Currently, I am
facing another issue while running the code against ProQuest servers. I am
getting following error while retrieving results:

*Error 13: Present request out of range (Search result set records not

Code snippet that makes calls to server for results is
    my $rs = $conn->search($query);
    my $n = $rs->size();
    print "Query ",$query->_query," found $n records\n";
    $conn->option(preferredRecordSyntax => "usmarc");
    $conn->option(elementSetName => "F");

    for my $i (0..$n) {
    my $rec = $rs->record($i);
    print "=== Record ", $i+1, " of $n ===\n";

This error always occurs while retrieving *1001st *record (my application
gets about 25000 results for the queries). So this definitely looks like
some default value related issue (of number of records on server?) which I
should change but don't how. Any thoughts on how can this be fixed?


On Mon, Sep 22, 2008 at 12:17 PM, Vijendra Singh <vs.purohit at gmail.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> I am writing a z39.50 client for personal work and planning to use yaz
> toolkit for the same. I am using the perl library for this purpose. While
> using the sample code given in samples\zoom\zoomtst1.pl , when I try to
> connect to a server using some authentication information, it is able to
> connect to the server. The code is also able to get the correct result
> count, but while getting the results back (this line in code,     my $rec =
> $rs->record(1); ), I always get the following error:
> Query 'dylan' found 259 records
> Error 10004: Connection lost (proquest-z3950.umi.com:210)
> I thought this might be due to the server, but using other z39.50 client,
> like Mercury, I am able to query and pull records from this database. So The
> possibility of server's fault is less.
> The only possibility that I am considering now is that the ZOOM library is
> doing something it shouldn't do while getting the record(s). May be I am
> wrong but no way to know. Can you please help me in debugging this problem.
> Thanks,
> Vijendra.


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