[Net-z3950] ZOOM-Perl release 1.20

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Fri Sep 21 19:00:52 CEST 2007

The festival of releases continues ...

We announce the availability of ZOOM-Perl release 1.20, which will
shortly be available from CPAN in the usual place:

(I've uploaded it already, but it takes a little while to percolate
through the CPAN machinery and I want to go and have my tea so I am
sending this message now rather than waiting.)

This release fixes a bug in the test-suite, which didn't cause
problems until a recent YAZ release fixed a bug in ZOOM-C that masked
this one :-)  Thanks to Anders Ardo for finding and reporting the
problem.  This did NOT effect ZOOM-Perl applications: the library
code was fine, the error was in the test-suite itself.

This release also provides another handy test-harness program
zoomscan.pl, extends zoomtst1.pl, and supports SRU/W diagnostic

Changes since release 1.19 (from the Changes) file:

1.20  Fri Sep 21 17:51:55 BST 2007
	- Add new sample program, samples/zoom/zoomscan.pl
	- samples/zoom/zoomtst1.pl now accepts arbitrary options at
	  the end of the command-line, so that (for example) you can
	  specify a non-USMARC record syntax.
	- Add new functions Net::Z3950::ZOOM::diag_srw_str() and
	  ZOOM::diag_srw_str() to map SRW diagnostic codes into
	  human-readable messages.
	- ZOOM::Exception() constructor uses diag_srw_str() to fill in
	  the error message, if it is undefined, for SRW errors.
	- The render() method of ZOOM::Exception(), and therefore the
	  overloaded stringifying operator, deals with exceptions that
	  have no message().
	- Corrected the scan parts of the test-suite that use CQL so
	  that they explicitly perform client-side CQL compilation and
	  send the resulting Type-1 query.  Previously, these tests
	  were (accidentally) requesting that CQL be sent as-is to the
	  server, but this mistake was being masked by an error in
	  older versions of ZOOM-C that compiled client-side anyway!

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