[Net-z3950] SimpleServer release 1.07

Mike Taylor mike at indexdata.com
Sat Sep 1 11:38:07 CEST 2007

We are pleased to announce release 1.07 of the
Net::Z3950::SimpleServer Perl module, which is used to make Z39.50 and
SRU servers.  This release includes much better support for several of
the non-core Z39.50 services, as follows:

1.07  Sat Sep  1 10:31:26 BST 2007
	- When the scan-handler callback returns, do not attempt to
	  copy the terms from Perl structures if the error-code is
	  non-zero (i.e. if an error has occurred).  This protects
	  against a segmentation fault when the Perl callback does not
	  explicitly set $args->{NUMBER} = 0 on error.
	- Correct transcription of string-valued attributes in
	- Scan handler is now passed RPN as well as TERM, a tree of
	  Perl structures representing the entire scan clause
	  including access-points and other attributes (which are
	  discarded from TERM).
	- The various classes used to represent nodes in the RPN query
	  tree (Net::Z3950::APDU::Query, Net::Z3950::RPN::And,
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Or, Net::Z3950::RPN::AndNot,
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Term and Net::Z3950::RPN::RSID) now all
	  share a newly introduced superclass Net::Z3950::RPN::Node,
	  making it possible to write methods that apply to all node
	- A utility method toPQF() is provided for
	  Net::Z3950::RPN::Node, enabling the RPN tree to be converted
	  back into a flat PQF query.
	- Add support for the Delete Result Set service.
	- Add documentation for the Sort service.
	- Some clarifications to documentation.

It's been submitted to CPAN.  As I write this, it's not yet become
available, but it probably will be by the time you read it.

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