[Net-z3950] Re: Problems installing Net::Z3950 and Yaz 2.0 under RedHat 8.0

Christopher Morgan morgan at acm.org
Fri Apr 11 21:40:10 CEST 2003

I want to briefly wrap up the discussion of my problems running
Net::Z3950-based Perl programs after upgrading to RedHat 8.0, in the
hopes that it might help someone else who runs into the same problem.
I'm up and running now with no problems.

As it turns out, the issue was not with Net::Z3950 or with Yaz 2.0, but
rather with a filehandle in one of my programs that writes raw MARC
records to a file as they come in. When I upgraded to RedHat 8.0, I
restored my Perl programs from my backup drive. Among those files was
the old filehandle file. I assumed this file would simply be overwritten
when I re-ran the Perl program, but the old version remained and
wouldn't update, so I kept seeing the same set of old MARC records. (I
used ">" in front of the file name, assuming this would cause Perl to
create a new file each time and overwrite the old one). So I concluded
(wrongly) that no new MARC records were being downloaded. I finally
deleted the old filehandle file, and that did the trick. The new file
now updates and I get new records. I suspect this is a file permissions
issue, but I'm not sure. That'll teach to me to put better error
trapping in my programs! 

-- Chris M. 

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