[Net-z3950] Re: Problems installing Net::Z3950 and Yaz 2.0 under RedHat 8.0

Christopher Morgan morgan at acm.org
Tue Apr 8 15:20:42 CEST 2003

Thanks, Mike,

I don't know why the voodoo is necessary, I'm afraid. I forgot to say
that to get things working, I also had to edit the /yazwrap/Makefile.PL
file by changing

	'CCFLAGS'   => $defaultCCFLAGS . ' -Wall',

	'CCFLAGS'   => $defaultCCFLAGS . ' -Wall -D_GNU_SOURCE',

(I got this from Dave Mitchell's posting at

By the way, I thought I was up and running, since all my .pl Perl
programs that use Net::Z3950 and MARC::Record have been working fine.
But my Net-Z3950-based .cgi Perl programs are not. They ran fine under
my old RedHat 7.3 setup, but now they return the number of MARC records
found in a search, but not the records themselves. I'm not sure if
there's a problem with my CGI setup, or what. Perhaps some of my modules
didn't load correctly. (I remember seeing other postings where people
had similar problems with getting the number of records, but not the
records themselves.) I'll keep trying to debug the programs to see
what's going on. Any ideas? 

-- Chris Morgan

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> Date: Sat, 5 Apr 2003 08:43:24 -0500
> From: "Christopher Morgan" <morgan at acm.org>
> Re: my problem installing Net::Z3950 under RedHat 8.0.
> I found the fix in the Net::Z3950 archives:
> 	In Makefile.PL and yazwrap/Makefile.PL, I set
>    	 'DEFINE'    => '-D_GNU_SOURCE',
> This did the trick -- I'm up and running!

Hi Chris, I'm glad you found the solution to your problem.  But it
bothers me that this kind of voodoo is sometimes necessary.  Do you
(or anyone) have any idea _why_ this define is necessary on some
systems but not others?  And what it does?  And maybe most of all:
why, if it is needed, ExtUtils::MakeMaker doesn't know that?

Thanks all.

Oh, and BTW., from your original message --

> Date: Fri, 4 Apr 2003 19:10:35 -0500
> From: "Christopher Morgan" <morgan at acm.org>
> [...]
> Could the problem be related to compatibility issues between
> Net::Z3950 and Yaz 2.0? (I had been running Yaz 1.8.7 under RedHat
> 7.3)

No, that's one thing it _can't_ be .

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