[Net-z3950] Announcing release 0.31

Mike Taylor mike at seatbooker.net
Wed Nov 27 14:20:01 CET 2002

Dear everyone,

Release 0.31 of the Net::Z3950 module has been pending for some time,
but I couldn't motivate myself to get around to updating the
documentation for the new bits.  Because of the recent trickle of
support requests, though, I am starting to feel the need of being sure
that people are running the same code as I am, so I got my shoulder to
the wheels, wrote the docs, and released 0.31.

You can find it at the usual place:
or on the CPAN server of your choice.

Some goodies from the new release:

	- Add command-line options to samples/simple.pl
	- Add samples/canonical.pl
	- Change the default element-set names in Manager.pm to be
	  upper-case "F" and "B" rather than "f" and "b", as specified
	  in section 3.6.2 (Composition Specification, Comp-spec
	  Omitted) of the standard.
	  Even though a clarification makes it clear that element-set
	  names should be treated case-insensitively.
	- Formally deprecate the non-working records() method of the
	  ResultSet class.
	- When a new Connection object can't be made because of Init
	  being refused (rather than due to a lower-level error such
	  as ECONNREFUSED), $! is set to the distinguished value -1.
		(Dave Mitchell)
	- Neater code for connection-closing.
		(Dave Mitchell)
	- Fake up a diagnostic record (BIB-1 error 3, "unsupported
	  search") for servers which illegally fail to include
	  diagnostic records in the result of a failed search.
		(Dave Mitchell)
	- Added #include "XSUB.h" to the yazwrap directory's private
	  code, which means it now does The Right Thing when compiling
	  against a Perl build with the MULTIPLICITY flag set.  This
	  means that we now build and run under cygwin on Windows 2000
		(Dave Mitchell)
	- Add new option "namedResultSets", initially true, which if
	  set false caters for brain-damaged servers by always using
	  the same result-set name, "default", thereby invalidating
	  previous ResultSet objects.
		(Dave Mitchell)
	- Documentation tweaks.

Thanks again to Dave.

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