[Net-z3950] Problem with OPAC records

Tim Hunt tim.hunt at its.monash.edu.au
Wed Nov 27 02:35:07 CET 2002

I'm using Net::Z3950 version 0.30, with the YAZ library the sysadmin 
installed :)

When I set the record type rs => Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::USMARC all is 
well and I can decode the results.

I also need to query the DB for circulation records, held in OPAC 
format. Using the (solaris) yaz-client, at the console, this works. From 
a perl script, setting rs => Net::Z3950::RecordSyntax::OPAC causes a 
failure in record retrieval at  my $rec = $rs->record($i); The error is :
FATAL (yazwrap): illegal/unsupported `which' (14) in Z_External
Abort (core dumped)

Hints and help appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


   Portal Developer, Flexible Learnign and Teaching, Monash University
   Victoria 3800, Australia.

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