[Net-z3950] Announcing version 0.29

Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Fri May 17 18:11:52 CEST 2002

I'm pleased to announce the release of v0.29 of the Net::Z3950 module,
available from the usual place:
and shortly to appear on CPAN.

Changes in v0.29 --

	- Add ability to set custom exception-handler via
	  'die_handler' option.
	- Fix dereference-undef bug occurring when performing a second
	  search on a connection without having fetched any records
	  following the first search.
	- Cope with servers which lie about the number of records in
	  their present responses (the cads!)
	- Fix to correctly translate OIDs in which one or more
	  components is "0".

All of these changes are due to Dave Mitchell <davem at fdgroup.com> --
thanks, Dave!

I advise everyone to upgrade when it's convenient: all the changes are
backwards compatible (so you'll not need to change any of your client
code), and the deref-undef bugfix is an important one.


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