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Archie Warnock warnock at awcubed.com
Thu Aug 29 15:36:55 CEST 2002

> I'm not sure, I understand. If MetaStar which I assume includes a
> Z39.50 client, does not send a reference ID as part of a request then
> Isite should not return one either as part of a response (even empty).

Sorry - I didn't quite make this clear.  If my client sends a reference ID
to the MetaStar server, the server crashes.  It has nothing to do with
MetaStar clients, but I've reproduced the MetaStar server behavior with both
Isite clients and the Yaz client.

I'll investigate whether the Isite server returns an empty reference ID if
it doesn't get one from the client.  You are correct - it shouldn't do that.

> Thank you for providing a fix so that Net:Z3950 does not have to
> incorporate hacks for this..

Interoperability testing is A Good Thing...


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