[Net-z3950] Problems building Net::Z3950

John Durno jdurno at ola.bc.ca
Thu Aug 1 19:12:41 CEST 2002

mike at seatbooker.net writes:
>Woah!  So you're running successfully on Windows?  I thought we
>(Adam?) had established that that was fundamentally impossible because
>Event.pm didn't work under Windows? 

Well, it mostly works under Cygwin, which as Dave mentioned is a Unix
emulator for Windows systems. 

When a connection is successful, it works fine. However if the connection
fails the script does not die as expected; instead I get a looping error
message which does seem to involve Event.pm ...

Event: trapped error: decodeAPDU() failed for unknown reason: 0
  in Event::io=HASH(0xa0170ac) --
              poll: 'r'
                fd: 'IO::Handle=GLOB(0xa1853c4)'
           timeout: 0
        timeout_cb: <undef>
                cb: 'CODE(0xa018f80)'
            cbtime: 1028219701
              desc: '?? Connection.pm:134'
             debug: ''
              prio: 4
         reentrant: 1
            repeat: 1
         max_cb_tm: 1

In this case, the connection failure occurred because the script was
attempting to connect to a non-existent server.

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