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Fri Dec 30 12:25:33 CET 2005

Version 17
Support for use of local index names (the contents of the config file
<INDXTAG> elements) via Z39.50 Complex attributevalues (passing the
name as a string). Added scanning for SYSTEM names in DTD and entity

Our client also uses them when it knows it's able to (ie against known 
cheshire servers)  This is the reason I always have to look up attributes 

As to why:  The above, plus SRW's lack of numeric attributes, 
attributesets and so forth that are required for the <attr> tag.

> that the <index> element now has an "id=" attribute plus both <name>
> and <title> subelements.  Three notions of an index's identity seems
> like at least one too many.  If we really do want all three, could you
> please explain how each of them might be used?

id:    -unique- identifier for that index.  IIRC /any/ element in any XML 
       may have an id attribute.  Otherwise the DOM getElementById only 
       works for the subset of XML that has a defined ID tag.  I could be 
       wrong.  This just allows for it in SGML as well.

name:  name of the index which isn't necessarily unique.
       For use with SRW (no attributes) and complex attr type (sending 
       string rather than numeric) See Alan's posts about mapping between 
       bits and pieces.

title: end user display text, can be repeated with multiple languages. 
       has nothing to do with the protocol, just what the end user should 


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