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Fri Dec 30 12:25:33 CET 2005

The extent or scope of the content of the resource. Coverage will 
typically include spatial location (a place name or geographic 
co-ordinates), temporal perion (a period label, date, or date range) or 
jurisdiction (such as a named administrative entity). Recommended best 
practice is to select a value from a controlled vocabulary (for example, 
the Thesaurus of Geographic Names [Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names,]) and that, where appropriate, 
named places or time periods be used in preference to numeric identifiers 
such as sets of co-ordinates or date ranges.

I'm now just as clueless as I was before.  The first sentence includes the 
word 'extent' but the rest of the description ignores it.

I was going to suggest 'completeness' but we have an AA attribute called 
this. (IIRC)  

Uhhh.... ?

> > related: Can go. It is effectively a more refined F&N, but F&N
> > notably can't point you to a website.
> Nor it should!  That's what the web's for :-)

I'm convinced.  Related seems semantically almost as much of a can of 
worms as components is technically. I'm okay with dumping it?

> In summary: I think your proposal is fine with the three possible
> caveats: 1, does our <coverage> mean the same as DC's? (if not, we
> need a new name); 2, I think we should probably drop <related> to
> avoid confusing people into wedging whole F&N databases in there; and
> 3, I think <components> is too much complexity for too little gain.

1:  I still don't know :)
2:  Yes
3:  I'd like to hear from people who might use this apart from myself, but 
    I'm not wedded to it as I can't come up with a convincing-to-Mike
    argument in its favour :)

> Thanks for sticking with this, Rob.  It's all going to be perfect, you
> know!

We have a _very_ strong business case for getting this done, done right 
and done relatively quickly, so no thanks are needed whatsoever :)


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