[Ex-plain] Index Relations in Explain

LeVan,Ralph levan at oclc.org
Mon Jan 26 21:13:11 CET 2004

When I build an interface to a database, I like to let them know what
indexes support string searches (I guess we'd call them exact searches now)
and which indexes support keyword searches.  We have a pulldown list of
indexes with entries like "title" and "titleword" or "ti=" and "ti:" (where
the user knows that "=" indicates an exact search and ":" indicates a
keyword search).

We don't have any information in our explain records that would allow me to
do that.  I can cludge my way around the user interface part by having
multiple index entries with titles like "title exact" and "title keyword"
where they map to the same actual index.  But, that doesn't help the
interface code to know that the "exact" relation should be the default (and
only) relation for the first index and that "=" should be the default
relation for the other index.

Any suggestions?



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