[Ex-plain] RE: Additional diagnostic

LeVan,Ralph levan at oclc.org
Wed Feb 4 15:15:23 CET 2004

I think having server name and version information is a great idea.  Z39.50
initResponses used to have a couple of fields for that sort of stuff. I'd
like to think that they are available somewhere in the Explain record too.
If not, let's find a place for it and strongly encourage implementors to use


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> From: Oldroyd, Bill [mailto:Bill.Oldroyd at BL.UK]
> Sent: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 8:23 AM
> To: ZNG at sun8.LOC.GOV
> Subject: Additional diagnostic
> Is it possible to have a diagnostic message which can be used 
> to return the
> version of the software that has processed the SRW/U request ?.
> I would find it useful in tracking problems as it would be clear which
> version was being used if someone is using a copy of the software.
> Bill

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