[Ex-plain] ZeeRex and CQL

Alan Kent ajk at mds.rmit.edu.au
Thu Apr 29 05:22:51 CEST 2004

Hi all,

The programmer finally got around to trying to write some code in
the area of using a ZeeRex record to describe a database that I would
like CQL to query. Indexes work fine, but I realised I never got the
complete syntax for defining relations and modifiers in ZeeRex.

Previous mail said...

> As per Ralph's questions, relations etc. go into configInfo/supports.

However, there was no complete example and I want to make sure I get
it right.

To summarise my problem, I want to turn a CQL query into RPN with
attribute lists using a ZeeRex description of a database. I know how
to do index name translations using a ZeeRex record, but how does
a database publish that it has a custom relation or modifier that
CQL can use? Eg: german-stem with the pretend attribute list Bib-1, 5, 300.
(The attribute list is rubbish. The question is how do I write a ZeeRex
record that says "german-stem" is a valid CQL relation modifier and
it should be turned into the specified attribute list.)

Index names are easy. I have seen examples of configInfo/supports showing
that german-stem exists. I don't know how to associate an attribute
list with it. (Note: this is not a CQL problem really - its more can
I use ZeeRex to publish attribute lists other than just index names.)

A concrete ZeeRex example with an index name (such as Title = Bib-1, 1, 4)
and a relation and relation modifier with names and attribute lists
would be greatly appreciated. (Or is this beyond ZeeRex?)


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