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LeVan,Ralph levan at oclc.org
Tue May 14 19:39:32 CEST 2002

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> To: LeVan,Ralph
> Why have a defaults section which just repeats the data 
> above, when you 
> could have a default attribute on the data itself?

I did originally.  Then I decided that it would be polite to specify the
default for maximumRecords and all the other parameters.  There was no place
for it, so I created a defaults section and decided to put all the defaults
into it.

> ZeeRex already handles all of this, although not in the 
> exactly the same 
> way.

I figured that.

> > 		<recordSchemas> 
> > 			<recordSchema name="dc"
> > 
> urn="http://dublincore.org/documents/2001/09/20/dcmes-xml/dcme
> s-xml-dtd.dtd"
> > 			</recordSchemas> 
> Our recordSyntax/elementSet elements.

Well, the syntax might be made to be the same, but the semantics aren't.
Schemas aren't recordSyntaxes.  ElementSets are schemas but they need to be
in the context of a recordSyntax, which is implicitly XML for us.

> Indexset, index and name. (with Map, to distinguish it from 
> title, etc)

I think we were pretty close to agreement the last time we talked about this

> > 		<defaults> 
> > 			<startRecord value="1" /> 
> > 			<maximumRecords value="10" /> 
> Is startRecord useful information? When would a server not 
> default to the 
> first record apart from with a sadistic or malicious administrator? :)

Absolutely.  I included it for completeness.  The standard could well define
a default for that parameter.

> The only thing that we don't already do is maximumRecords, 
> which I assume 
> is the max records that it can return in a single response. 
> Which isn't 
> really a 'default' value that could be overridden?

It is usually overridden.  The client can specify it.  But what do they get
if they don't specify it?


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