[Ex-plain] Re: Ex-plain SRW and ZeeRex

Ray Denenberg rden at loc.gov
Mon May 13 19:54:59 CEST 2002

Alan Kent wrote:

> > Could you three please give some thought and list what you think
> > are the ZeeRex requirements? Thanks.
> >
> > --Ray
> I assume you mean SRW requirements, not ZeeRex requirements? Or SRW
> requirements of ZeeRex? Regardless...

Yes, sorry, or course I meant the SRW requirements. (I've got these two
projects so closely associated in my mind, that I get them mixed up

Specifically, I meant the information requirements.  What information about an
SRW server does a client need, that's not provided by a ZeeRex record? (By an
"srw server", we mean, from the ZeeRex perspective, the "single unnamed
database" at the server, as described at

To be clear, I'm only suggesting that the explain information for srw be a
ZeeRex subset.  I'm not suggesting that we use the same method to retrieve it.


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