[Ex-plain] Re: SRW and ZeeRex

Ray Denenberg rden at loc.gov
Tue May 7 20:56:17 CEST 2002

I'll write a position paper on this.  It'll probably be a week (or so).

Mike Taylor wrote:

> Ray,
> Having through a little more about the relationship between ZeeRex and
> SRW, here's what I think:
> * Ralph wants SRW to define its own Explain-alike, independent of
>   ZeeRex, thinking that what we've done here is too different from
>   what SRW needs.
> * You want a strong SRW-ZeeRex connection, reasoning that it would be
>   politically helpful for both parties to share technology.
> * No-one else seems to have a strong opinion either way.
> So I think that what is needed now is for you to make a position
> statement on why SRW needs ZeeRex and vice versa; otherwise we will
> probably all shrug and go with the Ralph Position out of sheer
> inertia.  You're the man to open the debate.
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