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Yes it was Mark. 

It was at a ZIG meeting (San Antonio, 2000). Look
The "Distributed Directory" was really the Friends
and Neighbors, as Mark called it, and he
originally suggested it.

Look also at 

the thread "Z39.50 Server List" DTD, beginning


Mike Taylor wrote:
> There remain a few places in the Overview and DTD Commentary where
> I've had to leave ### markers because I lack the necessary background
> information.  I'd like now to get all of these sorted out before the
> ZIG, so I am going to send a sequence of short messages each asking a
> single question.  Swift responses much appreciated!
> Here's the first.
> Was it in fact Mark Hinnenbusch that first proposed F&N, as the
> Overview suggests?  Is there an email message in a web archive?
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