[Ex-plain] NEW: Overview Document

Matthew Dovey matthew.dovey at las.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 27 13:51:26 CET 2002

> >     ###	Are there any other standing issues with 
> Explain Lite other
> > 	than those I listed?
> My incomplete list of moans about Explain Lite:
> *  No standard retreival/searching etc apart from an ugly 
> init response 

This is/was out of scope for Explain-Lite. Explain-Lite's motivation was
to standardise the format of the configuration file that Z39.50 clients
tend to us - discovery of this information was defered as a different
(later?) issue.

> *  XML demonstrates clear lack of knowledge about how to create a 
>    DTD.  The b_ tags are superfluous.
> *  No Sort specs.

Possibly also version control? The DTD I've been working from at


Doesn't suffer from these two issues.


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