[Ex-plain] DTD v1.4

Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Mon Mar 25 16:54:29 CET 2002

Rob has sent me v1.4 of the Explain-- DTD, and I've put it up on the
site at the usual place (http://explain.z3950.org/dtd/index.html)
along with the equivalent automatically derived XML DTD and XML

The changes are detailed at
but since I have a horrible feeling that no-one ever reads those
things, here they are:

Changes between versions 1.3 and 1.4 (Fri, 22 Mar 2002 19:52:36): 

      *	Add authoritative attribute to top-level <explain> element
	(default false).
      *	The serverInfo section may now contain only a single <host>.
      *	Accordingly, the <host> element no longer has a primary
      *	The <database> element's numrecs and lastupdate attributes are
	renamed to numRecs and lastUpdate.
      *	Fixed a silly mistake: the attribute list for <author> was
	listed twice, and that for <contact> not at all; now they each
	appear once.
      *	The <dateCreated> element is replaced by the more useful
      *	Fix ambiguity in sub-element specification for <map>.
      *	Remove attributeSet attribute from the <map> element.
      *	Add type attribute to the <name> element.

Er.  Enjoy!

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