[Ex-plain] Re: CDL IP address changes for Z39.50 server

Matthew Dovey matthew.dovey at las.ox.ac.uk
Wed Mar 20 09:53:47 CET 2002

> This is why we need Splain/ABC:XYZ/XplainML/etc.

No - this is a very good example of why people should use symbolic
names. Note that anyone who had configured their Z39.50 client with the
symbolic name isn't effected by the change as it is only the numeric ip
address that had changed. If CDL had only advertised the symbolic name,
their would be no need for this warning.

We don't have all of this nonsense with web addresses - I shunt some of
my websites around different servers (sometimes just for load balancing)
by keeping the ip name constant but don't feel the need to announce the
ip number change to the world (that's what the DNS is for). So why, when
it comes to Z39.50 do we suddenly feel the urge to start giving out all
the ip address/names/cnames etc. of our servers? And send out warning
messages when something low level which no-one should be aware of

(And I've just noticed I quote our z target details on our website as
library.ox.ac.uk (!!!)

I think we should stop this counter-productive practice as soon as
possible - hence my feeling we need just one host in Explain-Whatever.


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