[Ex-plain] Changes for v1.4

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Mar 18 17:45:19 CET 2002

Current changes are:  Adding type to name, removing multiple hosts, syntax 
fixing for easy transformation into XML DTD format that doesn't have 
useful constructions like (name|map+)

Given the approaching ZIG, I think it would be good if we could get a 
write up of the current state of the onion, which means focusing more on 
the attribute set now I think as the XML seems to be only prompting pretty 
minor niggles?

> > Multiple host names aren't very useful, and 99.9% of people wouldn't
> > need to give numeric IP addresses.  I still think there is some use
> > for them, but especially for F&N they do add complexity with no
> > value.
> Thanks.  I do agree; but more important to me is that it clarifies
> what's expected of Explain record providers, and how searchers are
> supposed to look for those records.  Symbolic where possible, numeric
> if that's all that's available -- right?


> > have one hostname then IMO this should be what is searched rather
> > than looking up unspecified possibilities.  So copac.ac.uk wouldn't
> > ever get returned as archiveshub.ac.uk.
> Agree 100%.  Servers providing this kind of DNS-chasing serve would
> not be going the extra mile -- they would be Just Plain Wrong.  There
> may be strong political reason why I want to maintain the separate
> identities of, for example, explain.z3950.org and www.miketaylor.org.

Yes.  Sucks if your one hostname goes down for whatever reason, but heh, 
that's not our job to work around any more, it's the fault of the DNS 


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