[Ex-plain] XML Schema for 1.3

Matthew Dovey matthew.dovey at las.ox.ac.uk
Fri Mar 15 14:12:47 CET 2002

> By making people all use one of numeric or symbolic I think 
> we would risk 
> alienating half of the crowd.  I can't find the messages off 
> hand in the 
> archive, but they followed on from Mike's attribute set which 
> proposed to 
> standardise on one or the other.

I can see that for searching (i.e. the attribute set) you would wish to
be able to search on all variants. However for the explain-- schema
which I presume is defining the record syntax used in the present for
searching an Explain-- database rather than defining the internal
database structure, I'm not convinced that there is much benefit
returning more than the primary hostname (which could be numeric or
symbolic depending on the service). If access to the DNS servers (which
should be on separate subnets etc.) were such that you were relying on
explain-- to map symbolic to numeric addresses, your network is probably
almost dead that searching an Z39.50 target would be the least of your


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