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Mike Taylor mike at tecc.co.uk
Thu Feb 28 13:19:41 CET 2002

> Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 17:02:24 +1100
> From: Alan Kent <ajk at mds.rmit.edu.au>
> More seriously, I would hope that someone could put together a
> simple Z39.50 target as a free product (using Isite for example?)
> using the XML record syntax.

Sebastian is being very modest today, but he ought to be pointing out
that his very own Zebra (http://www.indexdata.dk/zebra/) is just such
a thing: a free XML-friendly Z39.50 server.  I don't believe it would
be at all hard to configure it to serve Explain-- records; Sebastian
could certianly include the necessary configuration files so that
release 1.11 does Explain-- "out of the box".

(Might be an opportunity to get Zebra installed in a few more places

> I hope that it is not necessary to have the F&N and Explain
> information in the same server as being described - because I think
> it would take too long to upgrade all the existing sites out there!

I think we are ALL agreed -- even Rob -- that some kind of proxing
mechanism is absolutely necessary.  There is NO way we can expect this
to catch on by requiring EVERY server provider to add new

That said, I agree with Rob that we should favour the model in which
servers explain themselves where possible.  Apart from anything else,
it gives a good solution to the starting-point problem.

Is it time for someone to start writing this up?

Is it me?  :-)

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