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Sebastian Hammer quinn at indexdata.dk
Thu Feb 28 07:47:56 CET 2002

At 17:02 28-02-2002 +1100, Alan Kent wrote:

>More seriously, I would hope that someone could put together a
>simple Z39.50 target as a free product (using Isite for example?)
>using the XML record syntax. I hope that it is not necessary to
>have the F&N and Explain information in the same server as being
>described - because I think it would take too long to upgrade
>all the existing sites out there!

If the mechanism we end up with is manageable (ie. impler than Explain), I 
have more than half a mind to build it into the frontend server of the YAZ 
toolkit (I think there are a few of those around at least), so that 
whenever faced with a given option bit/negotiation parameter, it will read 
and return an xml (text) file with a certain name .... or some simple 
mechanism like that.

This should allow pretty much anyone to let their YAZ-based server act as 
an Explain-- without doing more than filling out an XML file. Of couse 
there should be a hook so that other folks could auto-generate the file on 
request based on their server's current contents.

Would it be something like that you had in mind?

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