[Ex-plain] F&N

Alan Kent ajk at mds.rmit.edu.au
Thu Feb 28 07:02:24 CET 2002

On Wed, Feb 27, 2002 at 02:38:35PM +0000, Mike Taylor wrote:
> I'm going to hate myself in the morning for even suggesting this, but
> ... in the interests of having people actually implement this, should
> we think s stanard way of embedding this XML info in a MARC record?
> e.g. just have a record with a Well Known title like "Explain--",
> whose Subject field is the hunk of XML?

I am sorry, but I may hate your for this suggestion too >:-(

It might strengthen my opinion that we should use HTTP GET requests
instead of Z39.50 database requests after all!

More seriously, I would hope that someone could put together a
simple Z39.50 target as a free product (using Isite for example?)
using the XML record syntax. I hope that it is not necessary to
have the F&N and Explain information in the same server as being
described - because I think it would take too long to upgrade
all the existing sites out there!

For me personally, if its a Z39.50 database, I can build the F&N
database and have it available for searching in about a day without
change to our actual product. I can see potential for harvesters
and all sorts of aggregators and things (so I guess it would be
useful to have date/time stamps on information, and record whether
some data is a master copy or a local cache of remote information etc).
Starting to sound a bit like OAI... :-)


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