[Ex-plain] Re: [Zebralist] Looking for Deployment Stories

Robert Sanderson azaroth at liverpool.ac.uk
Fri Aug 30 18:55:41 CEST 2002

> > The IR-Explain---1 database on gondolin.hist.liv.ac.uk has only four
> > records in it at the moment and doesn't describe itself.  The

> Well, that's OK -- I didn't expect it to be up to date ... but I _am_
> surprised that it doesn't even describe _itself_!  Seems kinda obvious.

Err, Yeah. *blush*

> > I have another database which has more records, but also just from
> > one project -- same server/port database 'DistAH'

> _then_ I thought, no, there's never any need for a single server to
> run multiple ZeeRex DBs: just put all the records in the single
> IR-Explain---1 database.
> So what am I missing?  Why didn't you do it that way?

That the pure TCL XML parser is slow, so rather than search the database, 
retrieve the record, parse it, config a client from it, and send out a 
request every time, I cache the information to a large set of associative 
arrays.  The script that does this runs once every time it detects that 
any of the remote servers has updated their configuration (which happens 
automatically in the build process now)

So -- I don't want to have the two projects that both do this sort of 
thing mixed up on my dev machine and have a cross library system start 
talking to an archives server.

> > That's because I've not fixed the date stuff yet.
> Do you have a way to ask for "all records" on that server?

Not in standardisable way.  We have an extension which allows retrieval by 
a simple numeric record id, so I find out the number of records in the 
database then do a search either on each in turn if I'm lazy or docid <= 

The preferred way, as we're talking in the harvesting model, is to 
retrieve by date, as you tried.  I'm simply lazy in this respect and 
haven't fixed my config to enable the date parsing properly. Will be done 
by Monday.

If I didn't have access to that, I would scan the database and retrieve 
the records based on the results of the scan. 


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